This site is only for development, not for distributing addon updates! Please do not upload repositories or packaged ZIP files here! Please note that forks which remain unchanged from their original for three weeks will be automatically deleted, in order to free up disk space.

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This software is released under the GPL 3.0 license.


  • Please follow the PEP-8 Guidelines when contributing new code or modifying already existing one


To make merge requests you need to fork this project, commit your changes and then create a Merge Request.

Any changes on the main repository will not be synced to your fork and you will have to do this manually.

To keep your fork up-to-date with the main project (upstream) follow these steps.

In your fork folder, add the uptream repository

git remote add upstream https://<your_username>

Checkout your local branch

git checkout master

Fetch the changes from upstream into its respective local branch (upstream/master)

git fetch upstream

Merge changes from upstream into your local branch

git merge upstream/master

Push your updated fork to the remote repository

git push